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We will listen carefully, treat you with respect, and proceed at a pace that makes you comfortable.  

Initial Visit

Pete will come to your home and learn more about your project.  He will listen to you carefully to understand the scope of your project, what your wish list is, and any specific desires.  We will then tell you more about us and our process. Together, we will then determine if we think we are a good fit for your project.  At this point we will provide an estimate to include a rough schedule, materials and work that is included.  If we agree to move forward together, then a small design retainer (applied to the cost of your project) would be provided and we would proceed to the next step.

Design Visit

We will go back and perform some initial design work based on the first visit and dimensions of your home.  We will come back to your home and sit down and discuss specific product selections.  We will provide choices and recommendations, but are not locked in to specific vendors, so we can use any manufactures or suppliers that you choose. We will show you a 3D rendering on our graphic design software so you can visualize you project selections.

We will then provide a detailed to quote to include pricing of material selections and installation.  We will provide samples as required to ensure you are comfortable with your selections.

Order Materials and Set Schedule

Once initial payment is received custom materials and products will be ordered and an initial schedule is set based on our current work flow and expected delivery of all materials.  


Installation will be performed expeditiously once begun, to minimize the disruption to your life.  Because we perform almost all work ourselves, we better control the schedule and have less opportunity for unexpected delays.

Payment Schedule

1.  Following initial visit a small design retainer may be required based on the price estimate of your project and amount of design work.  This amount will be applied toward the first payment.

2.  Initial contract payment of 33% will be made prior to ordering custom materials.

3.  Second payment of 33% will be made upon commencement of installation.

4.  Final payment of 34% will be due once your project is completed.

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